Centenary of Poland´s Independence

Warsaw (Poland) August 21st 2018 (PROTEXT)

This year’s intimate gathering is in contrast to Philip’s first ( August 4th 2017) birthday and baptisms celebrated at his then home in Siennica's Complex Castle and Warsaw's Royal Palace. His family, inter alia, built baroque church and the monastery complex for the Catholic Public in 1749. But much later, costs of maintaining and managing the monastery were therefore attributed to Republic of Poland.

The another true history of his family has been stifled from the top down in 19th century. In 1832... Adam Mickiewicz wrote his most famous long piece, is called Reduta Ordona. That is a Polish-Lithuanian National poem. But the poem that he wrote has exactly one hero of European national uprisings of the 19th century and colonel and duke Feliks Nowosielski 1800 Brwinów -1864 London. The National Poem describe a surprise attack by the Russians Forces at Warsaw in 1831. A family member and close relative Feliks Nowosielski blew up a 54th Redoubt at Warsaw in 1831. He exploded a bunch of new buildings around Fortification.

President of the United States bestowed the official congratulations by two letters on Philip de Sapieha' Szymczak-Nowosielski. The decision to award the state honors, which has been officially published this week, states that President Barrack Obama awarded Philip, a newborn, for in guiding his future work in strengthening Poland-American relations to mention in particular with White House.

This is the first such award for Poland citizen living in Europe, adding that this is also a compliment from U.S. President to Republic of Poland.

Family and grandparents of Philip de Sapieha' Szymczak-Nowosielski, Alfred Szymczak of Nowosielski's Family in-demand have previously been photographed at the home of their relatives ( not just above-mentioned persons), location in Royal Palace in Warsaw during 40th wedding anniversary on August 21st , 2017.


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